2010, Feb. 16-17: Ocean School 010, Oostende, Belgium

"Education at Sea – Education for the Sea"

Oostende, VLIZ, February 16-17, 2010


The Committee of Oceanology of RASAB, in cooperation with the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ), organizes on February 16th and 17th a workshop “Ocean School 010” which will address these questions, and to which you are cordially invited to contribute.

The workshop sessions will take the form of round tables, with short introductory statements and open discussions.

Messages from the “Ocean School 010” workshop will be conveyed to the IOC-UNESCO International conference “50 Years of Education and Awareness Raising for Shaping the Future of the Oceans and Coasts” (April 27-30, 2010, St. Petersburg), to the EurOcean 2010 Conference (Ostend) and to various concerned European and international programmes. The messages from the stakeholders and Industry will be conveyed to the master programme co-ordinators, for further attention.

For further information, please contact:

Jean-Pierre Henriet (jeanpierre.henriet@ugent.be)

Jan Seys (jan.seys@vliz.be).