2013, Sept. 23-27: COCARDE Workshop-Field Seminar Sicily

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COCARDE Workshop and Field Seminar

Sicily, 23-27 September 2013

Bridging off-shore and on-land research on carbonate mounds:

common concepts and techniques


Carbonate buildups from Sicily: Triassic to Quaternary examples

The itinerant COCARDE Workshop 2013, in Sicily, aimed to gather scientists from different cultural backgrounds (geophysicists, sedimentologists, marine geologists, palaeontologists, oceanographers etc.), from academia and industry, in order to drive an active discussion on the foremost insights gained from recent off-shore and on-land research on carbonate mounds. One of the main goal of the workshop was to promote and facilitate the collaboration between the two scientific communities working on ancient and on modern carbonate buildups.  

After a short introductive set of presentations, held at the University of Catania, the participants were involved in a two-and-a-half-day field seminar through the diverse landscapes of Sicily. Junior and senior scientists debated on carbonate systems by visiting well exposed build-ups formed in different paleoenvironmental settings and times. The field trip was followed by a two-day intensive workshop which will include key oral and poster presentations on Geosphere-Biosphere coupling processes in fossil and Recent carbonate factories. More information can be found in the final programme and abstract volume.

The event was co-organized by two supporting institutions of the ESF COCARDE Research Networking Programme: the University of Milano-Bicocca (Agostina Vertino, Daniela Basso) and the University of Catania (Antonietta Rosso). The field seminar was led by the workshop conveners in collaboration with Pietro Di Stefano (University of Palermo), Rosanna Maniscalco (University of Catania), Marco Taviani (CNR – ISMAR, Bologna) and Barbara Cavalazzi (University of Bologna).

The European Science Foundation awarded 6 grants to fully cover the participation of junior scientists.