2012, July 1: Magellan+Workshop Series program: Call for Proposal

ECORD/ICDP – MagellanPlus Workshop Series Program

The Magellan+ Workshop Series Program supports workshops that are expected to lead to high-quality, new and innovative science. A maximum of three workshops will be organized each year. The Magellan+ Workshop Series has two calls annually; deadlines are February 1st and July 1st. Proposals are reviewed by the Magellan+ Steering Committee (MSC), with the advice of external reviewers where applicable. Proponents will be notified of the outcome within two months following the submission deadline.
The ECORD/ICDP Magellan+ Workshop Series Program invites proposals from potential organizers of workshops to be held no later than December 2012.
Magellan+ would particularly welcome proposals for workshops that integrate scientific marine and continental coring with scientific topics such as: Earth’s Surface Environmental Change, Processes and Effects; the Deep Biosphere & Sub-Seafloor Ocean, as well as Solid Earth Cycles & Geodynamics, as outlined in the science plans of IODP and ICDP.


The contribution of the Magellan+ Workshop Series will not exceed 15,000 Euros per workshop. The proponent is encouraged to seek co-funding from other sources.


Proposals must include:
  • Short summary (max 500 characters) stating the purpose of the proposed workshop, its location and expected impact.
  • Full description (max 2 pages) of the proposed workshop outlining the purpose, rationale, expected impact and number of participants
  • Preliminary workshop program
  • List of expected participants
  • Full budget for the workshop
  • CV (max. 1 page) plus a list of international, peer-reviewed publications for the last 5 years, of main applicant.


Proposals must be submitted as a single, combined pdf-document as an email attachment to: magellan.plus@bgr.de
The deadline for applications is 01 July 2012.
For further information please contact Magellan+ via: magellan.plus@bgr.de or go to ESSAC homepage.