2012, April 2-5: SINTRIK'12, Kenitra

The Kenitra International Show of New Technologies and Research in Computer Science, April 3-5, 2012, Kenitra, Morocco


SINTRIK is a great event and a unique meeting opportunity among stakeholders and Research Laboratories for a common reflection on the challenges and modalities of mutual exploitation of the latest technological advances in computing, telecommunications and other areas of research in new technologies. It is also an open space for entrepreneurs and researchers to enhance, showcase, and reflect on the best conditions required to put the innovative ideas of scientific research in the service of revitalization and economic dynamics. In the mean time, to make the great economic resources available to research laboratories, thus enable scientific development. So, above all, SINTRIK is a space for exchanging ideas for a possible successful partnership at the national and international levels.
SINTRIK considers its main objective the creation of synergy among companies (national and international) and the Universities in the field of research. Such a purpose is therefore to establish and promote interaction and cooperation within the scientific and technological innovation-driven Laboratory and the business world through companies wishing to improve their potential economic performance benefiting youth skills and innovative ideas that research in new technologies can bring to them. It is also suitable time to make the transfer of know-how that can establish or reconcile research with the practical economic affairs which is the first storefront. It is now an action strategy and direction for the future in the atmosphere of the globalization in which off-shoring and technology tools are the real strengths of economic performance and efficiency.
SINTRIK is part of the policy and general guidelines of the Moroccan state, which is committed to make technological research and its practical applications the fundamental pillar of the reform of education and an essential tool to give life to national economic growth. The same policy certainly requires funding and support for a portion of the bill allocated to research from the business world, in a spirit of solidarity. This is a realization of the innovative spirit of the National Charter of Education and Training and Plan of emergency, both of which make the complementarities between the University and its socio-economic environment one of their major objectives.


More information on this event is available here.