2012, April 15: ECORD Grant

The European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) is sponsoring merit-based awards for outstanding graduate students to conduct research related to the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. The research may be directed toward the objectives of upcoming or past DSDP/ODP/IODP expeditions (core material and/or data). ECORD Grants cover travel and lab expenses or other approved costs related to the study. Grants will not typically exceed 2000 € and will be paid at the start of the project. Applicants can be enrolled in either a PhD or post-doc program at any institution from ECORD countries only.


Applications should take the form of a mini-proposal detailing the aims of the study, the material/data to be worked on, the project partnership and the costs. A final report, including balanced budget and some details on the data, must be completed within 15 months after the grant award.


The deadline for application to get an ECORD Research Grant is April 15, 2012. Please send your application, including a detailed mini-proposal (max. 5 pages) with a detailed budget plan, as well as a CV (template to download on our website, please only use this template) and a Letter of Support of one supervisor (template to download available on our website) to ESSAC Office (iact_essac.office@iact.ugr-csic.es)


The review of the applications will be made by ESSAC, and the decisions will be communicated by mid of June 2012.