2011, Oct. 24-30: COCARDE Workshop and Field Seminar, Morocco




Recent and Ancient Carbonate Mounds in Morocco

Rabat, Morocco, 24-30 October 2011



Objectives of the workshop (Rabat, October 24-25)

Some 10 years after the first reporting of Recent carbonate mounds off Morocco, the 2011 Cocarde workshop in Rabat offers an opportunity to assess achievements of past oceanographic cruises and to exchange views about prospective actions in the future.
In coherence with Cocarde’s capacity building and its vision on a holistic approach of carbonate mounds through geological time as a key to fundamental and applied insights and breakthroughs, the workshop is introduced by a full-day, open-access tutorial event, conceived as a voyage through time, space and Geosphere-Biosphere coupling processes in Recent and Ancient carbonate factories in Morocco.
The second day will be available for targeted strategic meetings, to discuss possibly innovative approaches in carbonate mound research in Morocco on Recent and Ancient mounds - offshore and onshore - and to review opportunities of international collaboration. 


Objectives of the field seminar (High Atlas and Tafilalt, October 26-30)

A task group of Moroccan and European scientists, with a mix of senior scientists and PhD and postdoctoral researchers, will visit a number of field outcrops of carbonate mounds and carbonate factories from Ordovician to Jurassic ages in the Central High Atlas and eastern Anti-Atlas. An objective is the assessment of the documentation – in a collaborative effort – of a potential “Moroccan mound reference route” for capacity building and international outreach purposes.


The programme of the workshop can be downloaded here.

The final report of the workshop is available here.

A slide presentation (by Bodil Lauridsen) about the workshop and field seminar is available here.


The COCARDE Workshop and Field Seminar "Recent and Ancient Carbonate Mounds in Morocco" was organized by:

  • Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed. V - Agdal University, Rabat
  • Ghent University , Belgium
  • Ibn Battuta Center, Cadi Ayad University, Marrakech,
  • International University of Rabat
  • ONHYM, Rabat