2011, Nov. 14-16: Congress of Association of French Sedimentologists

The next congress of the Association of French Sedimentologists (ASF) will be held in Dijon (Bourgogne, France), November 14-16, 2011. Two sessions may be of interest to the COCARDE community:


Reef and biogenic buildups session:

This session will include contributions on: (1) the evolution of reef systems and frame-building communities during geological times; (2) the impact of environmental changes: sea level, climate, seawater chemistry, tectonics, etc. on the initiation, the development and the demise of reef systems; (3) the architecture, diagenesis, fracturation and georesources associated with buildups and (4) interaction between buildups and platform architecture.


The presented works will deal with time-intervals from centuries to several-million years and from biomineral to reef-scale. The use of recent techniques: CT scanning, nanoSIMS, etc. or of stratigraphic modelling are especially welcome.


Session conveners: Emmanuelle Vennin (Biogéosciences, Université de Bourgogne) and Fréderic Boulvain (Université de Liège).


Carbonate and evaporite sedimentary systems session:

This session aims at providing a state of the art of the current studies and the prospects on carbonate, evaporite and mixed sedimentary systems, from continental to oceanic environments.


The presentations will deal with: (1) the sedimentology and the architecture of carbonate, evaporitic and/or mixed sytems; (2) the carbonates and evaporites deformation/sedimentation interactions; (3) the diagenesis of carbonates and evaporites; (4) the organisms and the processes producing biogenic sediments and the characterization of floro-faunal community replacements; (5) the quantification of carbonate production and its role in the global carbon cycle and (6) the forward stratigraphic modelling of these sedimentary systems.


The presented works will be based on petrography, mineralogy, geochemistry, geophysics and/or petrophysics. The scale of the studies will be from micro- to sedimentary basin-scale.


Session conveners: Gilbert Camoin (Cerege) and Raphaël Bourillot (EGID, Université Bordeaux 3).


The abstracts should be submitted on the http://congres-sedimentologie.u-bourgogne.fr/ website before,1st July 2011. Several field trips will be proposed to the congress participants, including some excursions in the famous Burgundy vineyard.


For further details contact Emanuelle Vennin (emmanuelle.vennin@u-bourgogne.fr), Raphael Bourillot (raphael.bourillot@egid.u-bordeaux3.fr) or go to the conference homepage (http://congres-sedimentologie.u-bourgogne.fr/)