2011, July 5-8: 28h IAS Meeting of Sedimentology

28h IAS Meeting of Sedimentology, Zaragoza (Spain), July 5th-8th 2011


We would like to invite you to submit an abstract for the Session T2b: Carbonate Platforms (Theme 2: Marine Depositional Environments).
This technical session (T2b) will focus on the broad spectrum of marine carbonate depositional systems from modern settings and the geological record. It aims to provide a forum for the presentation of research outcomes and innovative ideas regarding processes and products of carbonate sediment accumulation. We welcome abstracts for talks and posters contributing to the following themes a) the facies character, architecture and depositional models of carbonate systems, b) the different types of carbonate factories and their variability through time and space; c) the intrinsic and extrinsic controlling factors on carbonate platform growth and geometry evolution.


The deadline for abstract submission is due on February 15th of 2011
Convenors: Juan R. Bahamonde & Giovanna Della Porta