2010, June 16-18: Deep-Water Circulation: Processes & Products

The International Congress "Deep-water Circulation: Processes & Products" is being organized in Baiona (Pontevedra, Spain) on 16, 17 and 18 June, 2010. Principal topics to cover will be:



  • Geostrophic/thermohaline circulation and bottom currents
  • Modern contourite deposits
  • Ancient contourite examples
  • Impact of global hydrological events on the deep sedimentation
  • Internal-waves and internal-tide deposits
  • Palaeoceanographic significance
  • Slope stability significance
  • Relationship between deep-water circulation and gravity flows
  • Numerical and physical modelling of processes
  • Environmental, tectonic, other controlling factors on process and deposits
  • Innovation and new technologies and methods
  • Driver of deep-water ecosystems
  • Economic importance: fishing, mineral (Fe-Mn nodules, crusts) & energy (oil, gas, shallow gas, hydrates, etc) resources.


You are cordially invited to participate in this exciting congress. The organizing committee aims to provide a scientifically stimulating and socially enjoyable forum to meet and discuss results and ideas related to the conference theme. The meeting should be of interest to both academic and industrial participants, and although it is focused on Deep Water Circulation: Processes & Products, the congress is open to discussion of shallow water and even lacustrine drifts. More detail information at http://www.facultadeccdomar.es/contourites.